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About Us – Weight Lose Foods

Weight Lose Foods is and blog established by a Food Sientist from Turkey. I have interested in prossesing of fruits and vegetables. My favorite topics about foods is what happens when they get into our body. which ingredients of foods are uselful for us.

As weightlosefoods.com I want to increase your knowladge about importance of food quality. Mankind has a history around 350.000 years for Homo Saphiens. So our body developed a method to feed. We consume some ingredients and nutrients from foods we have eaten. That means we need to continue with the same method. If we full our body with useless matters then body would give an allert.

Nowadays, overweighted and obesity kill people more then starvation. In a year because of obesity 2,5 millions of people are dying but in wars around 200.000 people are dying. That means we are doing something wrong with our meals. We are getting more calorie than we can spend because we do not move too much like we did at the past. If we don’t move we need to balance calorie between we burn and we get.

Human body learned digession of milk after agrucultural revelation. It is and example for evolotuon for about changes with our meal. Body is perfect machine to adapt. But meals we are having nowadays are not something body can use to move its life.

So I want to give some information about our digession system, our meal plans, nutiritions we need and what we need to do with our meals at this age.

In addition to all of these, main purpose of this site is to teach logic of nutirition for human body. Keeping people informed about food, food quality, weight loss, diets, tricks, recipes, smart nutrations and filled with tips.






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