Everybody how wants to loss weight. But always we are stuck in a moment how am I gonna make a weight loss meal plan. What am I gonna eat? It is hard to decide if you know nothing about calories, macronutrients, micronutrienst and nutrient timing. If you are new at this weight management programs, we will give you and example quick weight loss diet plan to weight loss advice.

For a good weight loss meal plan you need to know about weight loss foods and the mathematics of the how to loss fat. We have write about this before you need to check it out firstly. Because the logic behind the nutrition plan for weight loss is important. In order to select foods to your meals.

Maybe you want to know something like fast weight loss diet plan lose 5 kg in days. It is not possible in the laws of nature and physics. If you think like that you can read the our article  how to loss fat or you can leave this site immediately.

This example I will give you is a weight loss plan for man and woman, old or if you are 16 years old teenage. I don’t want to extend it more. But we don’t give you some programs like below :). Because we want you to understand the logic of this work.


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Breakfast Calorie Protein Carbohydrate Fat
Oat – 50 gram 178 6 30 3
Eggs – 3 pieces of whole eggs 230 19 1 16
Tomato – 1 piece 19 1 3 0.2
Milk – 200 ml 128 7 8 7
Total 555 33 42 26
Lunch Calorie Protein Carbohydrate Fat
Chicken breast / Turkey – 200 gram 218 51 0 1
Rice (uncooked) – 100 gram 350 8 76 1
Broccoli– 200 gram 52 6 5 1
Total 620 65 81 3
Dinner Calorie Protein Carbohydrate Fat
Chicken breast / Turkey – 200 gram 218 51 0 1
Mushroom 250 gram 84 9 14 1
Yogurt 3 spoon 80 4 5 5
Shepherds salad 100 gr 42 1 2 3
Almond – 1 handful 256 8 2 24
Total 680 73 23 34
GRAND TOTAL 1855 171 146 63

Thank you agirsaglam for this example.

Here above we have a example for a day. We prepared this program for Kate who is burning 1900 kcal for day. It was an example at how to loss fat.

Here is a guide for healthy snacks for weight loss.


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